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Friday 20th December - Troubadour Club
Francesca singing Irving Berlin classic with a 3 piece band.
To book tickets please visit:


"Francesca has made it all possible by forming her own label and building up a fan base from her websites over past 3 years. Francesca's song Colours Faded is about Eva Cassidy and there are many Eva fans around the world who are interested.
HMV seem to love the idea and are selling Colours Faded in all their shops around the country (well done HMV).
Whats clever is that Francesca has on-line pre-order so you can now pre-order Colours Faded for 77p from Francesca's website or There are 3 other mixes of Colours Faded and these all count to the charts.
The fans are pre-ordering Colours Faded and backing Francesca with 77p to get her in the charts."


"This story will grow!! Francesca Berlin's debut single is released on 7th August. The story is about an almost unknown 17 year old breaks the charts with no label deal, no manager, no massive PR, no record plugger, no advance radio play, no video, no TV, no national media coverage. Its all been possibe due the fan base Francesca has built over past 3 years. Many are local fans but some are Eva Cassidy fans. Francesca's debut single "Colours Faded" is about Eva Cassidy.
Its possible because of Download Pre-Orders via the website. All these sales count to chart position and the fans are pre-ordering at 77p to ensure Francesca gets a high chart position. As there are 3 alternate versions many are buying all 4.
Its a great story of "Fans Power". Watch this story grow!"